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Benefits of partners with individual Distributors to provide the best of both worlds to the end-customers – state-of-art technology along with human touch. The distributor can go digital without any cost or overhead to expand their client base and reach along with providing superior investing experience to their clients.

Distributors dealing in other financial products like insurance or retired bank managers and chartered accountants can start distributing mutual funds with zero investment.

Distributors Partnering with Nivesh Get Multifold Benefits:

  • Help clients understand their financial goals
  • Select the right products for the clients
  • Completely paperless including KYC
  • On-the-go transactions and reporting
  • All products and schemes available
  • Content and social marketing
  • Periodic alerts and Notifications

Achieve Your Financial Goals

Achieving one’s financial goals, whether short-term (a vacation next year or buying a car in two years) or long (child’s education abroad after 8 years or planning for retirement), requires an understanding of goals and how those goals can be achieved with the right plan. Our approach keeps your financial goals in focus to ensure you are able to achieve them.

Select the Right Funds

Selecting the right funds is more than just looking at past performance and picking up the top ones! We follow a rigorous process which is a combination of objective and subjective parameters, such as returns being generated by a fund manager compared to risk being taken and volatility of the returns of a fund.

Experience Technology at its Best

One of the reasons for the failure of any investors to keep up with the investment plan is inordinate time being spent in managing investments. Nivesh app helps you in tracking your investments on the go in a language that is easy to understand, which has been made possible due to many years of experience of the Nivesh team in building financial technology platforms.

Assisted by Qualified AMFI Registered Mutual Fund Distributor 

A mutual fund distributor plays an extremely important role in the entire process by guiding and handholding you throughout your investment journey. We have qualified mutual fund distributors as partners spread all across the country making it a unique proposition that is just right for you!

Nivesh Platform can be used by Financial Institutions to power the distribution of their financial product powered by cutting-edge technology that has an end-to-end workflow.

• Android, iOS, Web Apps
• Access to multiple products / multiple providers
• Ability to cross-sell / up-sell
Lead generation: social content marketing
Servicing: Customers directly access the platform
• Offered as ‘Platform as a Service’ model reducing the need for upfront investment/ manpower

Nivesh Gyan

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All About Dynamic Equity Funds

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