Nivesh.com creates record of 1,118 SIPs in a single day

By Nivesh Gyan   18 July

Category: Media

  Nivesh.com concluded the Maha Login Day on July 16 with huge success. The mass market online mutual funds platform created an enviable record of registering 1,118 SIPs in a single day with the average ticket size of SIPs at Rs. 5,000 per month per folio.   The company’s highly dedicated team including the channel […]

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Have you saved enough for your child’s future financial needs?

By Nivesh Gyan   11 July

Category: Save for Children

Mutual Funds Plan for children is the answer to secure your kid’s financial future Every parent aspires to offer the best to their children – sound education, a decent lifestyle and most importantly, adequate financial security for them to pursue their dreams. But in order to fulfil these desires, it is necessary that planning and […]

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All about Dynamic Equity Funds

By Nivesh Gyan   9 July

Category: Build Wealth

Dynamic Equity Funds are the ones that allocate less to equities when market valuations seem expensive and increase allocation to equities when market valuations look cheap. How do Dynamic Equity Funds work? These funds have a mix of debt and equity in their portfolio. The equity component in such funds varies from 30% to 70-80%, […]

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