Are you an ARN Holder? Here’s why you should become an Advisor/Distributor with Nivesh.com

By Nivesh Gyan   10 December

Category: General

As an AMFI Registration Number (ARN) holder working as an Independent Financial Advisor (IFA), you must be dealing with a series of issues on a daily basis.

Here are some of them:

  • One man army: You have to solely deal with a lot of customers, their queries, endless paperwork and so on.
  • Large number of Asset Management Companies (AMCs): India has 44 AMCs and the list is growing. It is not possible to have a tie-up with all of them.
  • Dynamic & Challenging Business Environment: It’s tough and expensive to keep pace with changing technology and regulatory landscape. Since most of the investments are generally low ticket, you may see surge in volumes but this would also mean higher operational costs and incremental expense on technology.
  • Follow ups & co-ordination: Many routine tasks may require multiple follow-ups and coordination with different agencies taking away precious time.
  • Customer Acquisition/Retention: The business growth depends on the acquisition of new clients while retaining new clients. This again needs continuous efforts on relationship management, customer support, client engagement etc.

Let’s have a look at a typical business scenario for an IFA:


Value of Monthly Investment Per Customer
%age Value of Total Business
%age of Total Time Spent
Rs 500 – Rs 5,000

Inferences from the above table:

  • Low ticket deals consume more time, generate lesser value, but volumes are high. 
    Problem: Volumes are high and so are the operational costs
  • High ticket deals consume lesser time, generate higher value but volumes remain low. 
    Problem: Value is high but volumes are low

Nivesh.com, India-centric platform for investments, is a ONE STOP SOLUTION for all these problems.

Here is a summary of benefits of being associated with Nivesh.com

  • Paperless Transactions: Mobile App / Web Platform for transacting in few clicks. Save costs in filling up and deposit of physical application forms. Distributors can execute transactions for their clients. Extremely easy to set-up Switch and Systematic Transfer Plan.
  • Portfolio Reports: Distributors can access all client reports. Similarly, client can also log-in and track their own portfolio. This helps in reducing client servicing cost for distributors and enhances client satisfaction!
  • Easy Scheme Selection: Nivesh.com provides researched schemes under pre-defined buckets linked to investment objectives like Build Wealth, Save Taxes, Regular Income Plan, which makes it easy to select right mutual funds schemes.
  • All Fund Houses Available: Nivesh.com is a fund neutral platform and provides all mutual funds schemes in the platform, so you can transact in boutique funds like Motilal Oswal, Quantum, Edelweiss, etc. as well.
  • Content Marketing: Constant flow of relevant articles for increased investor awareness and knowledge. Download personally branded digital content and share on WhatsApp and Facebook.
  • Periodic alerts and Notifications: Upcoming SIPs, SIP bounces, Business Dashboard, etc. Examples of Customised & Co-branded Content created for Partners.

Nivesh.com would provide you latest research, content and technology, while you work and interface with the customers to grow business.