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News is coming from various sources that (Voda – Idea) can infuse fresh capital in its telecom company this year. The size of money from both the company might be $325 to $375 Million.

We all know that the company is struggling with financial problems due to its AGR Dues and at such times this money can give great relief to the company.

It’s good news for the company as they are struggling with financial problems due to their AGR Dues. As a result, today the company has announced to pay about Rs 1367 crore under AGR Dues.

How it would be beneficial for Mutual Fund Investors

We know that lots of Vodafone Idea bonds were bought by many mutual fund houses, and some short term bonds were also purchased by fund managers of “Franklin Ultra Short Fund” which is going to mature in June so possibly the fund house will get the money against its holding

We have already made our “Hold” call in this fund as we were expecting that the company will meet its obligations, So if it happens then it would be good news for all the Investors who have invested before the marked down of Voda-Idea papers.

Even those who have exited from the portfolio after Segregation will get his money.

We will update you if we got any further updates.