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Become a Mutual Fund Distributor

To invest in Mutual Funds, it is necessary to have a good understanding and knowledge. Nowadays, online every information related to a mutual fund is available, and even before investing, the investors also compare different funds.

However, to put all the things and facts in perspective, the mutual fund agent plays an important role. In the development of the mutual funds industry in India, there is an important part played by the agents.

To become a mutual fund distributor, it is necessary to understand the whole process starting from clearing the NISM Certification examination to setting up your business. The process also ensures that the distributor has the highest standards of knowledge, attitude and ethics.

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Becoming Mutual Fund Distributor Requires Following Steps:

Joining helps you to get started quickly without having to worry about the last four steps mentioned below.

  • Pass the NISM-Series-V-A: Mutual Fund Distributors Certification Examination
  • Get your AMFI Registration Number (ARN)
  • Get empanelled with different Mutual Funds directly or join online mutual fund distribution platform – click takes to the enrollment form.
  • Learn to provide the right mutual fund schemes to your customers
  • Learn to grow your business
  • Acquire required software to service your customers

Pass the NISM Series V-A: Mutual Fund Distributors Certification Examination

It is a mandatory requirement to qualify the “NISM-Series-V-A: Mutual Fund Distributors Certification Examination” to become a mutual fund distributor. The National Institute of Securities Market conducts this examination. 

The major motive of this examination is to ensure that the distributor has fundamental knowledge regarding Mutual Funds. Passing a certificate issued by National Institute of Securities Market (NISM) in respect of ‘NISM – Series V-A  has a validity period of three years.

Become a Mutual Fund Distributor

Get Your AMFI Registration Number

Become a Mutual Fund Distributor

The AMFI Registration Number (ARN) has been introduced as the unique code, which identifies the individual distributor as AMFI Registered Mutual Fund Distributor (ARMFD).

Once the NISM exam is cleared, the AMFI Registration Number (ARN) gets allotted. It is a unique code, or we can say a unique ID of every mutual fund distributor. Along with the ARN Number, candidates will also get an Employee Unique Identity Number (EUIN). The process of getting ARN is completely online and the same can be accessed here.

A photo identity card bearing a unique ARN, address, his/ her name, photo and the validity period of ARN, would be issued to individual applicants.

Empanel with Mutual Funds

After availing of the AMFI Registration Number (ARN), you need to get empanelled with each and every mutual fund company. Alternatively, you can get yourself registered with the online mutual fund distribution platform (form for empanelment). gives the distributors an opportunity to grow their business in the right direction without any hassle. Also, the digital ecosystem is quite user-friendly and easy to operate. With, the agent can go digital without any investment or overhead to expand their client base and enhance their experience.

benefits of mutual fund distributor

Learn to Provide the Right Mutual Fund Schemes to your Customers

benefits of mutual fund distributor

In order to provide a right mutual fund scheme to the customer, there are these major factors to consider:

  • The investment objective of the client – what is the financial goal for which the customer is planning to invest.
  • The time horizon for which the investor is willing to keep his or her money invested in the scheme. It could be anywhere from a few months to many years.
  • Risk preference of the customer. Whether they are conservative or moderate risk takers.

Learn How to Grow your Mutual Fund Business:

The most important task is to grow your mutual fund distribution business. No business can survive without customers and hence you need to look at multiple options to get new customers:

  • Talk to potential customers in your circles like friends and relatives and inform them about your new business
  • Use Social Media to promote your business
  • Share knowledge with others
  • Conduct Webinars and online meetings to talk about the benefits of investing  through Mutual Funds
benefits of mutual fund distributor

Acquire the required software to serve your customers

To serve the customers at the best level, it is necessary for the mutual fund distributor to have the right softwares or platform. You can buy software to run your business or can choose as your mutual fund distribution platform.

How Does A Mutual Fund Distributor Earn?

benefits of mutual fund distributor

Mutual fund industry in India has grown so well, and the agents/ distributors working with such platforms are also earning well. Mutual fund distributors earn through commissions received on investments of customers. 

The commission to distributors is paid in the form of trial commission which is payable for the lifetime of an investment. If the investment of a customer grows over a period of time, then the commission will also keep growing.

There are a lot of opportunities available for people willing to build up their careers as mutual fund agents. If you also have such a dream, then you can consider

Here we are not only having plans for investors but also providing opportunities to earn. Contact us and turn your dream into reality.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Most frequent questions and answers

In simple words, it can be stated that a mutual fund is an investment tool through which clients or investors purchase securities. Each and every fund has its own risk-return characteristics.

A mutual fund advisor is a qualified professional who helps the investors by suggesting to them the best mutual fund schemes.

The earnings of the mutual fund advisor come through Commission on their clients’ investment.

The first and foremost thing to do is, getting registered for the NISM Examination. The best part is you can appear for this exam of mutual fund advisor online as well funds in India.

The major benefit is you can work remotely.

  • Completely Online Platform
  • Opportunity to deal in multiple products

After completing the examination and getting the ARN Number, you can start working as a Mutual Funds Distributor. Either you can join the mutual fund distribution platforms like or can also go for the direct ones.

The earnings of a mutual fund advisor depend upon the commissions. The more clients you attract and convert into potential investors, the higher you earn.

Yes, it is mandatory to clear the NISM exam to become a mutual fund distributor in India.

However, has an interesting model where one can simply just refer a client to our team and once the investment is made they can earn too. 

Once you have obtained AMFI Registration Number (ARN), you are ready to start your mutual fund distribution business. Here are the steps that you need to carry out for the same

  • Getting Product
  • Knowledge
  • Empanelment
  • Knowledge of
  • investment planning
  • Find out the Needs of Investor
  • Investment & Asset Allocation
  • Documentation
  • Commission Structure
  • Hand Holding
  • Portfolio Review & Restructuring
  • Business Growth Strategies

Yes, the citizens crossed the age of 50 years as of 31st May 2010, can easily get the NISM Mutual Fund Distribution Certificate by:

  • Taking part in NISM Series VA Mutual Fund Distributors Certification Examination
  • Or completing the NISM’s Continuing Professional Education (CPE) Training Program