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Grow Your Mutual Fund Distribution Business

In recent years, the mutual fund industry has grown so well. Especially in India, there is a large structural growth opportunity in the mutual fund business. Even the investors are also acknowledging the necessity of investments in mutual funds for meeting their long term as well as short-term financial needs. This is the major reason affecting the growth of mutual fund distribution business positively. Additionally, a calculated formulation also plays a vital role.

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Mutual Fund Business Growth Depends on a Simple Formula

Higher AUM = No. of Customers x Investment Per Customer x Customer Retention %

Nowadays, every customer is willing to have an online experience. Online mutual fund platform helps the distributors by facilitating them in focusing on winning more customers and sharing a boost in the retention rate.

It helps in cutting down on wasteful unproductive tasks and lets you focus on the most important task of growing your business.

Increasing Number of Customers

  • You can generate leads from social media platforms like Facebook and WhatsApp by sharing personalized and branded content.
  • We help you build social media presence with Google business listings and your own website.
  • We also help you organize Investor Awareness Programs in your area.
  • You can generate more business remotely by sharing App Referral Link.
Increasing Number of Customers -

Increasing Investment per Customer

Increasing Investment per Customer -
  • Nivesh’s goal-based investment plans help you to suggest the right asset allocation and funds for the customers, thereby increasing their confidence in you.
  • Cross-sell and up-sell opportunities are identified and suggested by the platform. You can accordingly approach customers with new product ideas.
  • Customers can also use the Nivesh app. The transparency helps in generating more business from existing customers.
  • Our data shows that more and more existing customers do repeat business after using the platform.
  • Multiple product bouquet also helps in mobilizing business as per needs of the customers.

Increasing Customer Retention

  • Your ability to service customers in real-time with the help of the online platform will result in lower customer churn and much higher customer retention.
  • You can share engaging content provided by Nivesh’s content team with your existing customers.
  • Right kind of suggestions during market volatility also helps in customer retention.
Increasing Customer Retention -

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