Debt Mutual Funds: A perfect choice for conservative investors

By Nivesh Gyan   8 August

Category: Better Than FDs

A common question in investor’s mind: Interest on money lying in savings account is too low and if I park that money in a fixed deposit, return is not great there too plus there is no flexibility. What should I do?   The answer to this question for a conservative investor is “Invest in Debt […]

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Corporate Bond Funds: Invest for regular and better returns than a Fixed Deposit

By Nivesh Gyan   20 April

Category: Better Than FDs

What are Corporate Bond Funds? Corporate Bond Funds are the ones that invest in fixed income instruments issued by companies including bonds, debentures, commercial papers; each with unique risk profile and maturity. In simple words, businesses raise money by selling a certain number of shares of their business. A certificate of debt is issued to […]

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Take baby steps towards investment with Ultra Short-Term Funds

By Nivesh Gyan   3 April

Category: Better Than FDs

What are Ultra Short-Term Funds? Ultra Short-Term Funds are the debt funds that invest in fixed income instruments that are mostly liquid and have short-term maturities. How do Ultra Short-Term Funds work? These funds primarily invest in instruments like commercial paper, treasury bills, certificate of deposit and corporate paper with average maturity of more than […]

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All you should know about Liquid Funds

By Nivesh Gyan   27 March

Category: Liquid Funds

What are Liquid Funds? In line with its name, a liquid fund is a debt market mutual fund scheme that ensures money is available in case of any contingency. How do Liquid Funds work? Liquid funds invest in debt and money market instruments with a maturity of up to 91 days only. Since these funds […]

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Are you retirement ready? Invest right today for a safer tomorrow

By Nivesh Gyan   18 January

Category: Retirement Planning

Future cannot be predicted but it can be planned! The very thought of retirement could be scary if the finances have not been planned right. Is it possible to plan finances for the future when there would be no income but the same or even more expenses?

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Equity Savings Funds

By Nivesh Gyan   27 December

Category: Build Wealth

Suitable for lump-sum investments as replacement of longer term Fixed Deposits (one year and more). In current environment, it is difficult for investors to select the right avenue for investment, particularly lump-sum investments. On one side, interest rates on fixed deposits are at all-time low, and stock markets are making new highs on the other.

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