Journey — Road or Life?

By Sridhar Srinivasan   24 March

Category: Build Wealth

Imagine you need to go from Mumbai to Pune. The path would look like this Courtesy Google Maps At this level, it’s easy to see the origin and destination and how the route will get you there. However, you would have noticed the following in the journey: We decide the destination upfront and charted the […]

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Retirement mutual fund schemes with taxation benefits: A good alternative for traditional pension products

By Nivesh Gyan   24 July

Category: Retirement Planning

Retirement planning no longer means investment in pension funds only; in fact, there are retirement mutual fund schemes that are specifically designed considering the long-term goal of retirement to ensure a stable flow of income post-retirement. How do Retirement mutual funds work? These funds invest in a mix of securities comprising of equity, equity related […]

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