Arbitrage Funds: Perfect to make most of the market volatility!

By Nivesh Gyan   15 May

Category: Better Than FDs

What are Arbitrage Funds? Arbitrage Fund is a type of equity mutual fund that capitalizes on the mispricing between the cash/spot market and derivatives/futures market. In simple words, it refers to taking advantage of the difference in pricing in two markets at the same time. How does Arbitrage Fund work? This fund works on the […]

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Take baby steps towards investment with Ultra Short-Term Funds

By Nivesh Gyan   3 April

Category: Better Than FDs

What are Ultra Short-Term Funds? Ultra Short-Term Funds are the debt funds that invest in fixed income instruments that are mostly liquid and have short-term maturities. How do Ultra Short-Term Funds work? These funds primarily invest in instruments like commercial paper, treasury bills, certificate of deposit and corporate paper with average maturity of more than […]

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All you should know about Liquid Funds

By Nivesh Gyan   27 March

Category: Liquid Funds

What are Liquid Funds? In line with its name, a liquid fund is a debt market mutual fund scheme that ensures money is available in case of any contingency. How do Liquid Funds work? Liquid funds invest in debt and money market instruments with a maturity of up to 91 days only. Since these funds […]

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All about Dynamic Asset Allocation Funds and their tax implications

By Nivesh Gyan   12 December

Category: Build Wealth

As the very name suggests, the Dynamic Asset Allocation funds refer to the type of mutual funds that are dynamic in nature. Unlike the traditional asset allocation funds that invest in debt and equity in a pre-defined proportion regardless of market conditions, the Dynamic Asset Allocation funds are the ones that allocate funds in equity, […]

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